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We are a technical textile company founded in 1993 and specialized in the manufacture of fabrics and garments in circular knitwear.

Our philosophy is to manufacture all products locally to control the manufacturing process and offer the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

This type of local manufacturing allows us to ensure the non-use of harmful substances that may affect the user’s health or to the environment.

When we design a technical product, may it be a fabric or a garment, we do it thinking about the protection we must offer in each sector and always seeking the maximum comfort for the end user.





Our story

We started in 1993 with the manufacture of knitwear and garments in circular knitwear for the fashion sector in the French and Spanish market.

A few years after our creation, an interesting project fell into our hands to devise and manufacture a new kit for the French fire department.

Therefore we decided to take advantage of all our knowledge in the fashion sector and combine it with the use of new and innovative materials. Without knowing it, we began to create a new direction for the company, that of technical fabrics and protective clothing.

The strategic location of our headquarters in Mataró, allowed us to take advantage of the full potential of its industrial network to develop products of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

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