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PPE’s and police, military and fire brigade equipment.

In C.P. Aluart, a company founded in 1993, we innovate, develop and manufacture our own technical knitted knitted fabrics for the subsequent preparation of Personal Protective Equipment, police, military equipment and fire departments.

For the purposes of Directive 89/686 / EEC, PPE is understood as any equipment intended to be carried or held by the worker to protect him from one or more risks that may threaten his safety or health at work, as well as any complement or accessory intended for this purpose.

Our protective equipment, made of circular knitwear, is always in direct contact with the user’s skin. It is for this reason that we develop and think fabrics and garments that offer maximum comfort and softness to the worker. To achieve this we only use the best fibers, the right materials and the highest quality in all manufacturing processes.

The constant search for new materials and the flexibility of our production to meet the needs of our customers, allow us to be one of the leading companies in the sector of the manufacture of PPE, police equipment, military and fire departments.


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