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COOLMAX® PRO Fresh helps perspiration and keeps the body dry

The fabrics made with COOLMAX® PRO FRESH fiber give us a feeling of great comfort and freshness, even in the hottest or hottest climates.

The main property of this fabric is its fiber section with channels that carry sweat and keep the garment completely dry.

Coolmax - CP Aluart

How it works

This fiber exports sweat to the outside of the fabric, that is, when the skin needs to lower its temperature due to heat, the sweating mechanism is started.

This sweat is expelled from our body thanks to the 6 channels that make up each fiber of our fabric and in this way it is avoided that it remains on the user’s skin and that the garments are stuck and wet on the body.

Positive effects


Its effective ability to transport moisture to the outside, always keeps us dry, favoring the skin tends to a need for less sweating.


On the other hand, any bodily mechanism that is activated, for example digestion or sweating, requires a greater supply of energy by the heart. Therefore, less sweating, less cardiac activity, which would result in a more relaxed working day and better physical well-being.

Silver Ions & UPF Protection

COOLMAX® fiber comes with the intrinsic incorporation of silver ions, which is the permanent-acting antibacterial that prevents the unpleasant bad smell caused by tanspiration.

Also by the section of the fiber, it has the property that the solar rays that affect the garment are diverted again to the outside, do not manage to penetrate in contact with the skin in 93.3% with which we also obtain a factor of UV protection (the ones we know for being harmful and causing melanomas) at a value of + 15.

All this together with a knitted fabric makes the use of this garment for police work ideal, they have an easy maintenance, since it requires a domestic wash in cold water, a short-term air drying and does not need ironing.

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