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Usos del tejido Dyneema

Uses of Dyneema fabric

Dyneema fabric is known to be one of the strongest and lightest materials in the world. Developed from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers, this material offers exceptional strength, high durability and multiple applications in various industries. In this article,…

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¿Qué es el punto circular?

What is circular stitch?

Circular knitting, also known as circular knitting or circular mesh knitting, is a knitting technique widely used in the textile industry. This method is characterized by the creation of seamless tubular fabrics that are ideal for a wide range of…

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que son los tejidos coolmax?

What are Coolmax fabrics?

In the field of technical and high-performance clothing, Coolmax fabrics have positioned themselves as one of the most advanced options for those looking for comfort and functionality. But what exactly are these fabrics and why are they so valued? Next,…

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Características de los tejidos técnicos deportivos

Characteristics of technical sports fabrics

The evolution of sports materials has transformed athletic performance, allowing athletes to push their limits and reach new records. At CP Aluart, we develop technical sports fabrics designed to maximize comfort and efficiency to offer maximum performance in sports clothing.…

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