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que son los tejidos coolmax?

What are Coolmax fabrics?

In the field of technical and high-performance clothing, Coolmax fabrics have positioned themselves as one of the most advanced options for those looking for comfort and functionality. But what exactly are these fabrics and why are they so valued? Next, we will explain in depth its characteristics, benefits and applications.


Coolmax is a technology developed by The Lycra Company, previously known as Invista, launched in 1986. Since its creation, it has been widely adopted in various industries thanks to its exceptional moisture management and comfort properties. The innovation behind Coolmax lies in its unique fiber structure, designed to optimize the evaporation of sweat and keep the user dry and comfortable.

How does Coolmax work?

The secret of Coolmax is in its polyester fibers with special structures. These fibers have channels that act as conduits for moisture, transferring it from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly. This process, known as the capillary effect, ensures that the skin stays dry even during intense physical activities.

Fiber structure

  • Multi-channel fibers: Coolmax fibers are composed of four to six channels, forming a transport system that maximizes moisture removal efficiency.
  • Modified Polyester: These fibers are made from modified polyester, known for its durability and quick-drying capabilities.
  • Hydrophilic treatment: The surface of the fibers is treated to be hydrophilic, improving moisture absorption.


  • Moisture regulation: Coolmax can remove moisture up to 50% faster than other fabrics, keeping skin dry and reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Comfort and freshness: By keeping the body dry, it helps regulate body temperature, providing a feeling of continuous freshness.
  • Lightness and flexibility: These fabrics are light and flexible, allowing greater freedom of movement and adaptability to various activities.
  • Durability: Coolmax fabrics are known for their wear resistance, ideal for sports and everyday wear.
  • Quick drying: One of the most valued features is its quick drying capacity, crucial for intense activities and for easy care.
  • Breathability: The structure of the fibers allows excellent air circulation, promoting perspiration and sweat evaporation.


Coolmax fabrics are used in a wide variety of products:

  • Sportswear: T-shirts, pants, socks and underwear designed to keep athletes cool and dry.
  • Casual clothing: Everyday clothing that offers additional comfort thanks to efficient moisture management.
  • Outdoor equipment: Clothing and accessories for hiking, cycling and other activities, where moisture regulation is essential.
  • Work or work clothing: Uniforms and work clothing that combine comfort and functionality, ideal for demanding environments.
  • Bedding: Sheets and pillowcases provide a cooler, more comfortable sleeping experience.


Compared to other materials, Coolmax is distinguished by:

  • Cotton: Although cotton is comfortable, it tends to retain moisture. Coolmax, on the other hand, expels moisture, keeping the skin dry.
  • Other synthetics: Many synthetic fabrics do not manage moisture as effectively as Coolmax, which has been designed specifically for this purpose.


Coolmax offers several variations of its fabrics, each optimized for different uses and needs. Below, we describe three of the most notable versions:

  • Coolmax Pro Fresh: This type of fabric is designed to provide superior moisture management and odor control. It is ideal for high intensity activities where sweat control is crucial. Coolmax Pro Fresh uses fibers with antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring garments stay fresher for longer.
  • Coolmax All Season: As its name indicates, this variation is designed to be used throughout the year. It combines fibers that provide insulation in cold climates and cooling capacity in hot climates. Coolmax All Season is perfect for those looking for versatility in their clothing, offering comfort and performance in any weather condition.
  • Coolmax EcoMade: Made from recycled materials, Coolmax EcoMade combines efficiency in moisture management with a sustainable approach. This fabric maintains the moisture absorption and evaporation properties characteristic of Coolmax, but with the additional benefit of reducing environmental impact. It is ideal for consumers and businesses looking for eco-friendly options without compromising performance.


To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of Coolmax fabrics, it is important to follow the care recommendations:

  • Machine wash: Use cold or warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid softeners that can clog the fibers.
  • Drying: Preferably air-dried, although you can use a dryer at low temperature.
  • Do not iron: Heat can damage the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.

Coolmax fabrics are a leading innovation in the textile industry, providing advanced solutions for moisture management and user comfort. Whether for athletes, workers in demanding environments or people looking for greater comfort in their daily lives, products with Coolmax are an excellent option.

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