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Características de los tejidos técnicos deportivos

Characteristics of technical sports fabrics

The evolution of sports materials has transformed athletic performance, allowing athletes to push their limits and reach new records. At CP Aluart, we develop technical sports fabrics designed to maximize comfort and efficiency to offer maximum performance in sports clothing.



Technical sports fabrics are advanced materials designed specifically to improve performance in various sporting disciplines. Unlike conventional textiles, these fabrics incorporate technologies that regulate temperature, control humidity, reduce air resistance, protect from UV rays and offer greater comfort and mobility.

These fabrics are the result of scientific research and technological developments that seek to better understand the needs of athletes in action. Its design goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on functionality and performance.




The defining characteristics of technical sports fabrics include:

  • Breathability: They allow efficient evaporation of sweat, keeping the athlete dry and comfortable.
  • Resistance and durability: Able to withstand extreme conditions and prolonged use without losing their properties.
  • Lightness: Light materials that do not restrict movement and contribute to better agility and speed.
  • Temperature control: Technologies that help keep the body at an optimal temperature under different weather conditions.

These characteristics are crucial for sports performance as they can significantly influence the athlete’s comfort, endurance, and ultimately success.




Innovation in technical sports fabrics is constant. At CP Aluart, we apply the latest technologies, such as the COOLMAX ECOMADE FRESH six-channel fiber technology that allows sweat to be evacuated from the body to the outside of the fabric. It is a breathable technical fabric designed so that moisture can escape easily and quickly. In this fabric, moisture evaporates five times faster than other similar fabrics. COOLMAX ECOMADE FRESH is a type of breathable technical fabric specially designed to transport moisture, preventing it from accumulating in the garment. This causes fabrics made with Coolmax® to dry very quickly.

And the intrinsic incorporation of silver ions in the fiber creates a permanent antibacterial effect to prevent the bad odor produced by sweat.

This technology is developed with a unique type of sustainable fabric that comes from the selection and recycling of plastic bottles.

This fabric also has the property of UV protection for outdoor sports. The yarn structure and this type of breathable technical fabric create a layer of protection against ultraviolet rays to always have your skin protected.

Our commitment to research allows us to offer fabrics that not only respond to the current needs of athletes, but also anticipate future trends and requirements.

If you are looking to improve your sports performance or that of your team, we invite you to explore our solutions in technical sports fabrics. Contact us to discover how our products can help you reach new limits.

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